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On the Issues

What are our issues?  

Very simply, I believe our quality of life in Verona can be better.  Our community has a terrific school system, a good location for work and commuting, and relatively low school spending & taxes. These characteristics are the foundation of a welcoming community.

I believe public government is not only about higher / lower taxes, and certainly not about talking about promises.  I believe it is about outcomes.  What we achieve for our community with our tax dollars is really the goal.  How we engage as a community is the way to achieve.  How we define our vision and our strategy is important - but maintaining focus, commitment and accountability for that plan is what really matters most.

The Town Council is responsible to lead, to work together, to engage our community, to set goals, to demonstrate accountability and most of all, to stay clear of politics, and vested interests. I am not a politician.  I am just like you - I live here, raised my family here, and I want to do all I can to continue making Verona a great place to live.

These are the goals I want to work on as member of the Town Council:

  • Strategic Vision for our town.  Not just for today and not just promises - we need to work together, commit and hold ourselves accountable. I would like to collectively come up with a Strategic Vision Plan between residents, government, schools, law enforcement and all the players involved. Together we can generate a plan that works, that we can stick to and that we can be accountable for. Teamwork is essential.
  • Over-development in Verona - We are struggling to absorb it --- that's a fact we live with every day. We sit in traffic, we worry about crossing the street. Verona needs to grow in a manner that is thoughtful and well planned out. I want to work with my team to find solutions, not rhetoric. Most importantly, I seek to be transparent with all residents, I want you to be part of the team.
  • Traffic, congestion, and most of all safety. Our children should be able to walk to school safely. Our elderly should feel free to stroll around our inviting downtown and enjoy a fine day. Traffic and congestion make it difficult. Let's work on a solution to keep our residents safe.

  • Financial responsibility. Our tax dollars must work for us.  We should be sensible about our spending while ensuring that our future will remain fiscally sound.

  • Collective approach: The township budget is 25% of our tax dollars; the Board of Education represents 55%.  We must, once and for all, have a collective and partnered approach to the vision and objectives of each entity for the good of the whole town.

    John Quattrocchi for Verona
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